Sarah Barker Illustrations

Welcome to my  blog  ,  I am a self taught  Freelance  illustrator ,  I love to draw  it makes me happy and  its also a way of  a stress relief  when your  having a negative day  , so for me  I find it  calming and very therapeutic  to draw  , plus seeing  people buy my art on products gives me a lovely  feeling of pride  that I can produce things people really want to buy .

So  my   merchandise stores  I have three  , what are  merchandise  stores you are thinking right  ? well they are business  like  printing apparel  companies and they offer artist  a  online shop  where you can upload your images designs artwork onto  clothing or products such as laptop covers  and phone cases clocks cushions  mugs travel cups leggings  and more  , you  get a  commission each sale  so if there price is £19.99 you will earn a percentage   for the sale  , and more depending on the  company providing the service  , what happens is  a customer  sees your merchandise  store   orders say a hoodie  with your art on from it , the company  that  runs the store then prints it  and packages it and sends it directly to the customer on your  behalf  ,with  your stores name in the invoice  , its a great  stepping stone for starting up in business , although  having the machines and products yourself  , you would make  much more profit  , but for me I don’t have the funds to buy the machines needed so right now that’s how I trade from them  , I  am with  Clothes2order Redbubble  and Woven Monkey .

I also hand paint using fabric paint on jute bags  canvas and cotton that is very time consuming ,   but relaxing and rewarding  when you see the end results .

Self taught on Adobe  Illustrator  , I draw  digitally using  a little Huion graphic drawing tablet  , these  are tricky to use so if you master one you can certainly draw , I let my  family have ago  my dad found it  very hard  , my sister said its not working  , and my daughter  said I prefer to sketch on paper  , but I  found it easy to use and can draw  on it well  I really  want to get a more expensive one I hear the  Wacom Bamboo  is  a great  one to invest in , one day  I’m  hoping I can afford one  .

So  right now I’m  designing my  Christmas  range  , I tend  go  from  one thing to another  and actually have  three pages drawn up of my  wedding reception colouring in book  ,for children   as  the wedding season is high in June July August  I can leave that for now  I need to fill 8 pages   so any ideas on what to put in comment below  , so I have  named it  Something Old Something New  Something For The Kids  To Do colouring  in book and the writing on the front cover   will be blue .

So just a little snippet of  what I’m up to , if you love art crafting  designing  comment below  what you love about it  , till next time   thanks for reading  Sarah xx .santa-hoodie



About Sarah Barker Illustrations

Freelance Illustrator / Makeup business woman , self taught digital artist I love to draw so on my huion tablet I design art for products via merchandise stores , hand painting also and a bit of crafting , I love beauty and makeup and fragrance's .
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